Bubble SculptureEdit


Tom Noddy's Galactica. Photo by: Olivier Blaise

Bubble sculpture is an artform where bubbles are blown and combined to create fascinating and beautiful forms.
Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic Trailer01:26

Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic Trailer

The master, Tom Noddy, at work. His classic book Bubble Magic is a must-have for anyone wanting to discover the techniques of bubble sculpture.

What You NeedEdit

EAS small plastic wand for web

The small plastic wands found in 8 ounce bottles of bubble solution are the main tool used for bubble sculpture.

The tools are as simple as good bubble juice, a dime-store plastic wand and an optional straw!

Also needed: patience and practice.

Bubble sculpture is a skill and requires practice, practice, practice.

People often ask "what's the secret to doing (fill in the blank)". Besides "knowing how", one must practice. Keep your mind open and observe the bubbles you make, and let the experience inspire you to your own creations!


Bubble sculpture can be beautiful and mind-blowing. This gallery is just getting started. If you have a great picture or video, please added it.

My favorite bubble trick, Tom Noddy's Tornado01:15

My favorite bubble trick, Tom Noddy's Tornado

Bubble Tornado. Amazing trick created by Tom Noddy. See Sterling's tip if you are having trouble figuring out how to break the film between the smoke blister and the main bubble.
Louis' Foggy Rocket Bubble

Photo: Pat Stull

Louis' Foggy Rocket.
Eddiesmith Square Bubble
Bubble Cube. The so-called "square" bubble
Caterpillar to Butterfly - Bubble Trick02:36

Caterpillar to Butterfly - Bubble Trick

Caterpillar to Butterfly. Eran 'The Highland Joker' adds a new finale to the famous caterpillar. Inspired by Tom Noddy, Louise Pearl and Burl.
How to make Rick Findley's bubble chains03:00

How to make Rick Findley's bubble chains

String of Pearls

This trick invented by Rick Findley is a real crowd-pleaser. Philip Noble shows you how to do it. Visit the tutorial.


Tips and TricksEdit

Share your tips and tricks here.


Videos of bubble sculpture.

Bubble Tricks (soapbubble03:25

Bubble Tricks (

Popular bubble tricks presented by the team

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