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The Protank 3 Mini is still one of the most affordable and reliable ecigs on the market. This very easy DIY vapor maker works great for various bubble effects. This photo essay also contains info on sourcing tubes and material you may not be able to find.


Stealth and beautifull


Very productive for various bubble effects.


I found a plastic tube 15.5mm in diameter. After measuring then length of the ecig (with the moutpioece) add an inch to the length and snip off the rest


Cut the short piece longways as shown


Slide you ecig inside the tube so it is nearly flush with the tube at the bottom. Slide the short plastic piece in at the time until it stops against the ecig.


The ecig needs to be almost flush at the bottom as show


Remove the ecig carefully so you do not move the plastic piece you inserted


With superglue, drop 3 drops in various spots at the edge of the inserted piece--the glue will be drawn in between the inseret and the tube to permanently hold it in place.


Yellow cap used from a bottle of liquid candy. Bottle is also perfectly suited to use to refill fluid in resevoir tip (it is accordian style)


I was lucky enough to source this cap from the liquid candy squeeze bottle


I used a permanent black marker to color the cap


With a large sewing needle poke 4 holes all the way thru the straw so you have a total of 8 holes close to the end of the mouthpiece. VERY IMPORTANT for added airflow. Add more air holes for more vapor faster according to what result you like best.


Fingertip from an ordinary kitchen rubber glove


Fold the fingertip a couple ot times and snip of the very, very tip (snip off less than you think you need to).


The hole should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the straw you use


Pull the rubber tip down over the end of the tube as shown


Tube wrapped with black electrician's tape in a spiral


You can now insert your ecig with straw attached to mouthpiece. Of course, you can shorten the straw if you want.


I wanted this entire design to be black. Black tube, black straw and black rubber tip. I did not want to paint anything , so, I found me some black surgical gloves believe it or not.


As with the kitchen glove, fold and snip


Since the black surgical glove is not thick or strong enough to do the job, I used it to cover the stronger kitchen glove tip.


Cap the other end of the tube. The cap is the only part that has been colored black. Note: if you cannot find a cap as shown you can sleeave that end of the tube with a small straw piece or any other method that doees not block the air flow


With the added air holes at the base of the straw and a 1.5 ohm coil you get lots of vapor fast. Since you know approx where the battery button is you can squeeze the tube anywhere in that general area to make your new vapor maker function.


I child's light saber as a source for tubes. I have made tubes from plastic bottles, cardboard and even a sheet of paper. Sourcing tubing is not difficult.


You can use a 2-liter plastic bottle, cutting the middle section out. Use approx. a 2 1/2" wide piece of the middle sectio for your main tube. If you are not using a jig to form your main tube you can wrap the plastic piece around your ecig loosely so you create a 2mm gap between the ecig and your main tube for proper airflow and which will not keep the battery button activated when not wanted. Scotch tape works great to wrap the tube with.


You can use a thin piece of cardboard also. The cardboard tube will overlap. Start taping it to size snugly (but not too snug). Start at the very end of the cardboard and continuing the full length of the tube. After you are finished wrapping the tube with scotch tape the E-Cig should slide in and out of the tube freely

SAM 3272

A steady stream of "pearlized" bubbles

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