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38 loops using a kitchen strainer using very sturdy straws. Each loop is covered with hollow fabric cord (core removed). The method for creating the cord covere zip-ties can be found by clicking here.

Cheap kitchen strainers can be turned into a variety of great bubble wands. This photoessay demonstrates a variety of simple methods for turning an ordinary kitchen strainer into a great multi-loop bubble wand. These wands are all intended to be used with a shallow dipping tray.

A "V" is cut out of the rim of the strainer at the handle to eliminate the large film in the center of the hoop after dipping.


It is very important to lay out your pattern and mark the spots where you will drill your holes ahead of time. The holes are drilled 20mm apart, center-to-center


Ensure when you are drilling your holes to aim at the exact middle/center of the strainer so your straws will be evenly spaces and uniform.


Sometimes it helps to trim the tip of the straw to make it easier to install into the hoop. The pointed ends can be snipped off later.


In order to secure the loops without using glue or adhesive you need to pinch the side of the stick.....

SIETEs shown. This will create a snug fit for the loop inside the straw piece.


If you drill a hole that is bit oblong and loose you can sleeve the straw piece to make a snug fit by cutting a short piece of straw in half lengthwise and inserting both together as shown.


A prototype wand using bare zip-ties (no cord cover) using an ordinary kitchen strainer. Notice the gap at the handle. This gap is necessary to prevent a film from forming in the middle after dipping which will cause your bubbles to cluster.


This photo shows a work in progress. The inner loops were changed to longer straws so the blue bubble stick stem is entirely inside the straw.


Notice the adequate amount of space between the loops.


42 loop wand using a 7 1/2" diameter kitchen strainer. All loops covered with fabric cord which also have the core removed.


Notice the adequate amount of space between the loops.

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A baby size wand for baby bubblers. Since most all of my events have an interactive theme this wand is appropriate for the very young bubblers to try their hand and join in with the rest of the bubblers (usually with mom's help). 41/2" kitchen strainer with mesh and ears cut out and handle bent into shape with a propane torch.

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I used bubble loops left over from a previous project. Bubble loops are 20 mm apart (center to center). Holes were drilled to make the stems fit tight with no adhesive.

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