Giant bubbles are possible with simple, homemade equipment. Giant bubbles can be the size of a large whale. Alan McKay of Wellington, New Zealand is on record as having created a bubble tunnel more than 100 feet long. A list of official world records can be found at

Fun Fact! A six-foot diameter bubble requires as little as 3 to 4 ml (less than one teaspoon) of bubble juice. A 40-foot long tube with a 3-foot diameter may use only 15 ml (one tablespoon) of juice!

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Here are a few giant bubble videos. You can find many more big bubble videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Edward's YouTube channel is here. You will find quite a few bubble-related videos.

Check out Dustin Skye's YouTube channel.

Please watch these videos at full-size HD (where possible) rather than at thumbnail size.

2012 10 30 Super Giant Bubbles03:50

2012 10 30 Super Giant Bubbles

2011 11 Beach Bubbles05:24

2011 11 Beach Bubbles

Beach Giants

Giant bubble @ 210fps01:18

Giant bubble @ 210fps

A sunset bubble in slow motion from my village's bridge.(Didgivo)

Hyde Park Bubbles06:17

Hyde Park Bubbles.

Bubbling Hyde Park

A Big Bubble from NWWRF 2011 Part 4 Bubble Busses00:29

A Big Bubble from NWWRF 2011 Part 4 Bubble Busses

Big Bubbler makes a big one at NWWRF

Todd K's Giants with 12' Top-String02:12

Todd K's Giants with 12' Top-String

Todd K creates world-class giants

May 26, Some Pretty Big Bubbles02:19

May 26, Some Pretty Big Bubbles

See some bubbles made with the equipment and recipes found in this wiki!

Giant Soap Bubbles June 201301:24

Giant Soap Bubbles June 2013

Using a HEC based juice

Todd K's Bigger Bubbles02:11

Todd K's Bigger Bubbles

Todd K's Big Bubbles05:55

Todd K's Big Bubbles


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