Ordinary pull chains can be used as swivels in a few different ways. This has been updated from an original post almost 2 years ago.


One method is you use the tip of a ball point pen that can be attached to the tip of a retractable rod.


If you do not have access to a snap clip from a bait and tackle shop you can improvise without it as shown,


Can be done as shown.


1/2" CPVC used as tri sticks with a pull chain I purchased from the hardware store attached to the cap.


Without a snap clip from a bait and tackle shop you can still improvise.


You can also attach the pull chain with a small split ring as shown. A snap clasp will attach your wick to the pull chain leader.


Drill an appropriate size hole in the cap or make a hole by holding a nail with a pair of pliers and heating it with a lighter.

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