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One moat

3 ring inflatable children's wading pools made by INTEX are available in 3 suitable sizes to make a large or a small KIB moat: 45" diam., 34" diam. and 24" diam. IMPORTANT NOTE: The actual diameters of these pools once inflated are not as indicated on the packages.

Two moatpg

You can make a large size moat or a smaller size with a combination of the 3 sizes available (ie. another 34" bottom pool for the larger moat becomes the top piece for the smaller moat). You will need a 34" diameter hoop for the larger moat and a 25" diam. hoop for the smaller moat. I have used the smaller hoop many times for adults.

Three moat

Remove the top 2 rings by cutting along the top of the bottom ring just above where it is attached to the middle ring.


Inflate the larger 1-ring wading pool & locate the very center of the pool and mark it (as shown).

Five moat

Attach a 9" string to center post (pencil or stick, etc.) and a marking pen. Draw out the circle to be removed with a 9" radius.

Six moat

Center circle 18" in diamter.

Seven moat

Now you have 2 inflated pieces. Once the larger piece is placed over the smaller one you have an instant moat effect.


Smoothed out and tucked in with the larger piece placed over the smaller piece. The bottom piece catches the splatter from the bursting bubble tubes and may begin to puddle a bit after extended use. You can place a folded towel in the center to sop up any puddling and just continue.


You can add a non-slip center bullseye made out of 120 grit emery paper using contact cement. To empty the pool and minimize foam simply scoop out the juice with any cup into a bucket. In order to deflate the pool pinch the base of the valve stem together which opens the inside valve to release the air. Caution: When using an inflatable style moat it is important to sweep and clean the area the moat will be resting on, along with a protective sheet or blanket type material underneath to minimize punctures and tears.

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