Squeaky ball vape blowerEdit

Here's a way I made a vape blower using a squeaky toy ball for doggies.

001 BallPkg

1. I found a ball that was hollow, not of foam, and had a diameter no greater than the length of my atomizer. These are just a *tiny* bit bigger than the tank I wanted to use but after the cutting holes for it, they turned out to be perfect.

002 Sizing

2. I chose the atomizer in the middle because its air intake vents aren't too close to the bottom or top.

003 Borer

3. Cutting smooth-edged holes in the ball's rubber was a challenge. I started them by using an old e-cig battery compartment, into which I'd cut notches to make a sort of hole saw.

010 GrindLgHole

4. I finished the job with a grinding stone. This gives the edges a nice smooth finish. You want the hole to be just a little smaller than the widest diameter of your tank. But be careful not to make it too much smaller, or else you'll tear the rubber as you insert the tank.

015 SelectMouthpc

5. I wanted a mouthpiece that was fairly rigid and had at least a 1/4" inner diameter. I tried the tube in the middle.

020 GrindSmHole

6. I made a hole for the mouthpiece so it would be angled up slightly, between the 2 large atomizer holes. I tried using a reamer for this step but it tore the rubber. It's best to use a round file, grinding stone, or burr tool.

030 TrimFuzz

7. You have to snip away the tennis ball fuzz once in a while to check the progress of the drilling.

045 Flange1

8. The tubing I chose has the happy property of being easily shaped when heated. I created a flange at one end of it to keep it from pulling out from inside the ball.

050 Flange2

9. The flanged mouthpiece tube.

052 SlantCut

10. To make it easier to feed the mouthpiece through its hole, I cut its end at a sharp angle.

053 SlantCut2

11. The cut needn't be tidy, just pointy.

055 InsertTube

12. Inserting the mouthpiece through its hole, from the inside.

060 MouthpcIn

13. Mouthpiece installed.

065 SquareMouthpc

14. With the mouthpiece installed, I cut the slanted end square and tidied up its edges.

070 FillTank

15. Fill the tank.

075 InsertTank1

16. Inserting the atomizer into the ball's bottom hole.

080 InsertTank2

17. As you're fitting the ball over the atomizer, make sure its vents are wide open.

081 InsertTank3

18. In my case the atomizer's top and bottom came very near those of the ball.

082 InsertTank4

19. Top view.

084 B4Out2

20. I used flexible rubber hose for my output line.

090 OutFit

21. I cut up a pen cap so it fits snugly into the atomizer's output hole and my output hose.

091 InsertOut

22. Inserting the output hose assembly into the atomizer.

110 MakeTip

24. For blowing bubbles direct from the blower, rather than filling clear bubbles, it helps to modify the output hose's tip. These are the materials I used.

120 Tip

25. Modified output hose tip.

Squeaky toy vape blower-002:13

Squeaky toy vape blower-0

The vape blower in action

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