Whims Of The Wind

Is it just me or does time really go by faster as we age?

As a child and younger man it seemed to take forever for the

days to pass and for upcoming events to arrive. My Parents

were old and my Grandparents ancient. Upon reaching my

50th birthday a couple of years back I reflected upon how

quickly the days had actually gone by and was profoundly

saddened by how short our time here really is. Looking back, events that seemed to have occurred

just a while ago had actually happened years or even decades before. How can this be ? Can our

perspective of time really change that much ?

I recently began making giant soapbubbles as a form of relaxation and enjoyment. Some of

these bubbles are gone in an instant and some last for several minutes. The ones that last can

become quite animated as the breeze and winds blow them about. If they catch an updraft they can

travel quite high and go far. They undulate and dance in the sky and the iredesent rainbow colors are

amazing. Often as I am making bubbles I will hear a child squeal "bubbles" and they run up and begin

popping them. There seems to be a inherent propensity for people and even some dogs to enjoy ending

a bubbles already fleeting existence. I will generally make several bubbles for them to pop and the

laughter and fun they exhibit is a joy unto itself, but when shown they can produce more bubbles in a bubble

by blowing on it ,most will begin doing so. Many people will also stop and tell me how seeing

the bubbles has brightened their day.

It seems that, as our lives are governed by the laws of time and a bubble, unless popped, is governed

by "The Whims of The Wind", life is indeed short.

So I guess this all comes down to whether you enjoy popping them or simply watching them float by.

Take a moment to see, that even if temporary and sometimes upside down.

The reflection in a bubble of the world below is indeed Beautiful.

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