This page will eventually be an article about how to use a tri-string. In the meantime, here are some videos that will help you get started.

These videos of my then 3 year-old son Jakey give you a basic idea of the bubble-making technique with garlands and tri-strings.


  • Keep the wand dips together when dipping the wand AND when raising the wand.
  • Raise the wand tips high before opening the wand
  • Stand with the wind at your back (if there is any). You want the wind to carry the bubbles away from you.
  • If there is no wind, walk backwards.

Tri-String DemonstrationsEdit

Jakey and the Giant Bubbles01:24

Jakey and the Giant Bubbles

Jakey (3-1/2) tries out a full-size tri-string for the first time. Use this technique when there is wind.
How to Make HUGE Bubbles - A Detailed Guide05:44

How to Make HUGE Bubbles - A Detailed Guide

This video is not ours. The recipe is not ours and is a bit detergent-heavy for our tastes. Also, with a heavy wick like the one used, we would not recommend using a weight/washer.
Soapbubble01:11 a tristring

From a basic tri-string demo

Garland DemonstrationsEdit

Jakey's First Garland wand00:28

Jakey's First Garland wand

Jakey (3-1/2) demonstrates basic bubble garland technique.
2014 04 Bubble Garland - No Wind - Demo 100:17

2014 04 Bubble Garland - No Wind - Demo 1

When there is no wind, walking backwards is one way to create bubbles.

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